SOLA3’s extensive comments for Rehoboth Beach Comprehensive Development Plan

Save Our Lakes Alliance3 (SOLA3) presented its recommendations for the City of Rehoboth Beach’s 2020 Comprehensive Development Plan (CDP) to the Rehoboth Planning Commission on August 28. Read the full recommendations here. While the recommendations are comprehensive, SOLA3 put special emphasis on the need for Rehoboth to develop a comprehensive storm water management plan to address flooding throughout the city. SOLA3 states that the impact of climate change could result in coastal inundation from the Atlantic Ocean by as much as 7 feet and areas round Lake Gerar and Silver Lake by as much as 3 feet, and recommends that Rehoboth install a citywide green infrastructure to address these and related issues. Furthermore, Rehoboth should provide incentives to property owners to install green remedies, such as downspout disconnection, rain barrels, rainwater harvesting, rain gardens, permeable surfaces and riparian buffers.

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