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SOLA3 Works with Rehoboth Elementary Students

Since 2009, SOLA3 has sponsored a hands-on, inquiry-based water quality workshop for the two 5th grade science classes at the Rehoboth Elementary School to learn about the ecology and organisims of Silver Lake, compared to a healthier lake, and determine which body of water is the most healthy and why.  It provides an opportunity to connect their science curriculum, established by their science teacher, Jacquie Kisiel, to their community.  The 2019 workshop was featured in Delaware Beach Life article titled “Testing the Waters: Fifth graders get their feet wet as environmental researchers, thanks to SOLA3 program.”


• SOLA3 also sponsors public workshops to provide valuable information on how to be good stewards of the lakes with state and local officials as well as environmental experts from DNREC.

• SOLA sponsors forums for Silver Lake, Lake Gerar and Lake Comegys homeowners to enlist their help to improve the ecology of the lake.

• SOLA partnered with University of Delaware Marine Studies on project for Upward Bound students to collect GPS locations of discharge points in Silver Lake and Lake Gerar. 

• Sponsored and Designed “Keep Wildlife Wild” sign to educate public on dangers of feeding wildlife and provide list of natural feed that they thrive on.  Sign was installed by City of Rehoboth at Silver Lake and Lake Gerar.

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Interpretive wildlife sign dedicated at