Save Our Lakes Alliance 3 (SOLA3) is pleased to be the 100th donor to the Commemorative Tree Program in Rehoboth Beach, with a recent $1000 donation.

The Commemorative Tree Fund is a partnership between the City of Rehoboth Beach and the Trees & Green Infrastructure Committee. This unique program was created to celebrate nature as well as art and encourage donations to a tree-planting fund.

Trees are recognized as an essential part of the City’s green infrastructure, where they not only help boost the economy, and enhances community health and safety, but also have a significant impact on the health of Lake Gerar and Silver Lake. Trees are a key component in managing stormwater runoff. They reduce erosion caused by rainfall and storms, and they help create conditions in the soil that promote infiltration.

To honor the donations, a tree sculpture was created and installed in the City Hall Atrium.

SOLA3’s contribution is acknowledged with a custom engraved leaf, which reads “Preserving Our Lakes,” Pictured here with the new leaf are board members (L-R) Sallie Forman, President; Tom Childers; Rick Hardy, Treasurer; Mike Boyd; Diane Hanson, Secretary; and Jan Konesey. Not in photo: Susan Gay.

Founded in 2004, SOLA3 is the only non-profit, all-volunteer organization, dedicated to restoring, protecting, and maintaining the three freshwater lakes located in the Rehoboth Beach area – Silver Lake, Lake Comegys and Lake Gerar. For more information go to

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