SOLA3 opposes new dock projects at Lake Comegys and Silver Lake

SOLA3 submitted its opposition to an application filed with DNREC’s division of Wetlands and Subaqueous Lands Section (WLSL) in April, 2020 for a large dock project at Lake Comegys. The basis for opposition was… “Being allowed to build a private structure [of that size] on what is essentially public space is a privilege, not a right. With that privilege should come responsibility to protect the surrounding wildlife and assure that other homeowners living around the lake can continue to enjoy the beauty and tranquility provided by this public, natural resource.” The Lake Comegys Home Owners Association and nearby neighbors also filed in opposition. SOLA3 also submitted its opposition to an application filed July 2020 with WLSL for a massive dock project at Silver Lake. The application was deficient in many ways, that included a claim of ownership into the lake, not getting a permit from the Army Corps of Engineers and in violation of a City of Rehoboth Beach ordinance prohibiting building structures into the 10’ no-build buffer. To avoid continuing claims of private ownership into subaqueous lands, our comments also stressed “… that the effort to complete a management plan [by DNREC] be accelerated so that the public is aware of State ownership, and of what is and is not permissible.”

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