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The beautiful historic sign that SOLA3 initiated that was installed at Silver Lake was stolen and thrown into the lake in the past week. Police are looking for suspects. Although it will be replaced, this is a sad situation. You can read all about the historical marker in the latest newsletter.

The historical sign, snapped off of its base, was found in Silver Lake by the Kent Signs installation crew July 27 and extracted from the lake. It is now in the possession of the Delaware State Police for evidence in its investigation of the vandalism. We are hoping this will lead to the identity of those responsible for this irrational act. We are grateful to the DE Public Archives staff for their diligence in finding the marker, to the State Police for its on-going investigation, and to Speaker of the House Pete Schwartzkopf and Senator Lopez for agreeing to replace the marker. What began as a shocking act of vandalism has resulted in true team work by all these concerned parties to find and replace the marker with one that is more durable, for which SOLA3 is most grateful.

When the new marker is in place, it will continue to remind our community of the history  of Silver Lake and Lake Comegys and their importance today as iconic features in the areas natural environment.


Historical Marker dedicated August 25


Base of marker after vandalism


Marker submerged in Silver Lake


Save Our Lakes Alliance 3 (SOLA3) was founded in 2004 to protect, preserve and maintain three lakes in the Rehoboth Beach, Delaware area -- Silver Lake, Lake Comegys and Lake Gerar.

SOLA3 works with communities, individuals, organizations, businesses and government to:

  • EDUCATE the public about the history and value of the lakes and about practices that will improve the quality of the water and benefit wildlife.
  • PROMOTE A DIALOGUE that will result in policies and practices to protect, preserve and maintain the lakes.
  • RESEARCH ways to improve the lakes’ indigenous plants and wildlife and the resources required to accomplish the mission.

The Lakes suffer from benign neglect by local and state governments. Of primary concern are the number of storm drains and run off that pollute the lakes, inconsistent water levels, rampant algae, an explosion in the geese population, massive fish kills, turbidity of the water and mud flats at the western end of Silver Lake from an abundance of silt deposits.

In Progress!

Welcome to the SOLA3 web site! Please pardon our dust as we make improvements.

Read the Latest SOLA3 Newsletter - Summer 2016

State Declares Ownership of Lakes

Based on research provided by SOLA3, Delaware's Department of Justice issued its decision that the State owns Silver Lake and Lake Comegys. The Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Control (DNREC) is the state agency that will be responsible for managing and improving the lakes.

pete schwartzkopf 5 8  small

Speaker of the House, Representative Pete Schwartzkopf said, "This decision is huge." See Programs and Initiatives for the full story.


On August 16--a perfect summer evening--community leaders, state and local officials, business owners, and many “Friends of SOLA3” gathered at the beautiful home of John and Bryn Burke to celebrate SOLA3’s 10th Anniversary and to raise funds to accomplish its mission.

Sallie Forman led off the short program by announcing SOLA3’s gift to the community: a bird identification marker that will be installed on the western shore of Silver Lake. David Small, Secretary of the Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Control, praised SOLA3 for its diligence, perseverance, good research, education, and positive relationships. Delaware House and Senate tributes to SOLA3, sponsored by Speaker of the House Pete Schwartzkopf and Senator Ernie Lopez, were presented by Senator Lopez. A citation from Governor Markell proclaimed that the day belonged to SOLA3. The mood was spiked with a lively silent auction as guests bid on numerous items donated by individuals and businesses, ranging from fine wines to a signed print of Silver Lake to an elegant dinner for four. Fifteen top area restaurants satisfied the hungry guests with a dazzling array of creative hors d’oeuvres. Fair to say a good time was had by all at this very successful celebration.

SOLA Board et al Gala

 The SOLA3 Board and other key celebrants: John Burke, Nancy Cullen, Mike Boyd, Sallie Forman, Tom Childers, David Small, Ernie Lopez, Byrn Burke, Toni Sharp, and Dan Payne.



On August 25, more than 100 people attended the unveiling of the Rehoboth area’s first State historical marker, dedicated Lake Comegys and Silver Lake. This is only the second marker featuring a Delaware natural resource. The marker was sponsored by Speaker Schwartzkopf and Senator Lopez, who attended the unveiling, along with DNREC Secretary David Small.

The Speaker credited SOLA3 with establishing the state’s ownership of Silver Lake. Senator Lopez said “this is part of the process that makes places like Rehoboth and coastal Sussex County special.”

Stop by and see this beautiful marker!


Marker 014




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