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DREDGING. The project to deepen the waters in the western finger of Silver Lake, initiated by SOLA3 with Delaware's Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Control in 2010, began in September, 2016. The project was put on hold in November to protect hibernating turtles and will resume in March, 2017 for completion.

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NEW DEVELOPMENT POSES SERIOUS ENVIRONMENTAL AND HEALTH CONCERNS. The owner of the Bay Mart Shopping Center located on Route 1, adjoining Terrace Road, has filed an applicatiion for Beach Walk, a residential community. This area consists of almost 8 acres of old asphalt, concrete , and buildings that must be demolished. In a joint letter with the Rehoboth Beach Homeowners Assoication, SOLA3 asked the Rehoboth Beach Planning commission to require an Environmental Impact Assessment to determine the effects of the development on Silver Lake and the surrounding neighborhoods, as well as identifying hazardous substances that have the potenital to adversely affect the health of nearby populations.


Save Our Lakes Alliance 3 (SOLA3) was founded in 2004 to protect, preserve and maintain three lakes in the Rehoboth Beach, Delaware area -- Silver Lake, Lake Comegys and Lake Gerar.

SOLA3 works with communities, individuals, organizations, businesses and government to:

  • EDUCATE the public about the history and value of the lakes and about practices that will improve the quality of the water and benefit wildlife.
  • PROMOTE A DIALOGUE that will result in policies and practices to protect, preserve and maintain the lakes.
  • RESEARCH ways to improve the lakes’ indigenous plants and wildlife and the resources required to accomplish the mission.

The Lakes suffer from benign neglect by local and state governments. Of primary concern are the number of storm drains and run off that pollute the lakes, inconsistent water levels, rampant algae, an explosion in the geese population, massive fish kills, turbidity of the water and mud flats at the western end of Silver Lake from an abundance of silt deposits.

  • Former Dewey Beach mayor joins SOLA3 board


    Diane Hanson, currently a Dewey Beach commissioner, was elected Jan. 8, to serve on the Save Our Lakes Alliance3 (SOLA3) Board as secretary, for a three-year term. Hanson, a full-time resident of Dewey Beach, was first elected as its mayor in 2007, serving until fall of 2016. Hanson earned her undergraduate degree at Cornell University and a master’s degree at the University of Pennsylvania. She is a seasoned professional with expertise in organizational development, training, and instructional design. She has had great successes improving employee performance as an independent consultant and as manager at a major pharmaceutical company. She is a well-known, published author of books and articles in the fields of performance improvement and organizational development.

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  • SOLA3 Co-sponsors Lecture, “The Secrets of Successful Communities"

    On Saturday, November 5, 2016, Ed McMahon, noted urban planner, addressed a packed house at the Rehoboth Beach Fire Hall.

    He spoke about a "sense of place": those elements that make a city or town different from any other. Whether coming here to live, work or vacation, people want to spend time in a special place like Rehoboth Beach, not one that looks like every other city.

    Sussex County provides a clear example of the difference uniqueness makes. Driving down Route One, you could be in any city in America. But once you cross the canal into our city, you know you are in a place unlike any other, with the special character we all love.

    Mr. McMahon, who holds the Charles E. Fraser Chair on Sustainable Development at the Urban Land Institute, has become well known across the country for his TED Talk and many writings on the important subjects related to building and preserving unique communities.

    We hope you will enjoy these videos and join us in the ongoing conversation about how to keep Rehoboth Beach special. President Sallie Forman will represent SOLA3 in a working group being formed to discuss next steps for Rehoboth Beach.


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