Save Our Lakes Alliance 3

Save Our Lakes Alliance 3 (SOLA3) was founded in 2004 to protect, preserve and maintain three lakes in the Rehoboth Beach, Delaware area -- Silver Lake, Lake Comegys and Lake Gerar.

SOLA3 works with communities, individuals, organizations, businesses and government to:

  • EDUCATE the public about the history and value of the lakes and about practices that will improve the quality of the water and benefit wildlife.
  • PROMOTE A DIALOGUE that will result in policies and practices to protect, preserve and maintain the lakes.
  • RESEARCH ways to improve the lakes’ indigenous plants and wildlife and the resources required to accomplish the mission.

The Lakes suffer from benign neglect by local and state governments. Of primary concern are the number of storm drains and run off that pollute the lakes, inconsistent water levels, rampant algae, an explosion in the geese population, massive fish kills, turbidity of the water and mud flats at the western end of Silver Lake from an abundance of silt deposits.


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    SOLA3 will continue its lake improvement initiative announced last year into 2018 and 2019. Homeowners who have property bordering Lake Gerar, Silver Lake or Lake Comegys are eligible to apply for a cost-sharing grant to assist in making improvements that will benefit one or more of the lakes. For a list of possible improvements, as well as award criteria, click here. For an application, click here.


    In January the SOLA3 Board met with DNREC Secretary Shawn Garvin, who was appointed by Governor Carney to replace Secretary David Small. He came on board in March, 2017. Secretary Garvin was joined by several DNREC department heads.

    Among our discussion points was the status of the pending proposal for the development of a management plan for Silver Lake and Lake Comegys. We also asked for (and received) a list of potential grant opportunities available for upgrading storm drains, installing devices in the drains that will filter out pollutants before they enter the lakes, and other lakes’ improvements, which we have shared with Rehoboth officials. For more details, see the article in our most recent newsletter here.


    As part of SOLA3's mission to educate the public on the lakes' environment and wildlife, SOLA 3 partnered with the City Of Rehoboth Beach to create a new interpretive DO NOT FEED THE WILDLIFE sign that lists what birds and turtles like to eat. These signs are posted at Lake Gerar and Silver Lake. A dedication ceremony was held in early May, attended by state and local officials, the SOLA3 board and supporters.. Read more about how this collaboration came about in our recent newsletter here.


    When SOLA3 learned of this program, sponsored by DNREC Coastal Programs Division, we submitted a letter to support the City of Rehoboth Beach's application to lead the partnership with the towns of Dewey, Lewes and Fenwick Island. Their application was approved and the work of the partnership will be coordinated by Delaware's Center for Inland Bays. Our understanding is that this program will provide resources to the partnership to mitigate negative effects of development and improve infrastructure, which will benefit the lakes. Full story here.


    After the Rehoboth Beach Board of Commissioners declined the developer's appeal to overrule the Planning Commissions decision that Beach Walk should be reviewed as a subdivision, he filed two lawsuits in the Delaware Superior Court, one against the Planning Commission (which was dismissed) and the other against the Board of Commissioners. The presiding judge has not yet ruled on this case. Full story appears here.

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